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Queensland Marine Industry Leadership Changes

by Marine Queensland on 8 Apr 2014
MQ-President Matthew-Hodson Marine Queensland
The Marine Queensland membership ushered in a new leadership team at the 2014 Annual General Meeting held on Friday night at the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show.

The new leadership team elected by the meeting includes a new President, Vice President and three Committee members.

The new Board comprises:
President: Matthew Hodson - Managing Director, John Crawford Marine;
Vice President: Nathan Nichols – Managing Director, Cruise Craft Boats;
Treasurer: Darryl Greentree – Managing Director, Allstate Boat Licencing and Education;
Committee: Andrew Fielding – Anchorline Yacht Brokers
Ross Geurts – Managing Director, Brisbane Seadoo and Can Am;
Steve Mahaffey – Director, Australian Reliance Insurance Brokers;
Paul Phelan – Managing Director, Telwater;
Mark Suttle – Honda MPE;
David Wood – BLA;
Immediate Past President: Greg Nickerson – Managing Director, Northside Marine.

Outgoing President Greg Nickerson said, 'We have had a strategy in place for a few years whereby we were fostering the development of our next generation of industry leaders for the Association.

It is a very positive sign for that the members have nominated a talented and enthusiastic new leadership team supporting the industry to its next stage of development and growth' said Nickerson.

Incoming President, Matthew Hodson said, 'I’m honoured to be given the opportunity in leading a dedicated Board where there is so much enthusiasm and energy about the industry’s future.

It will be a big job to fill Greg’s and his predecessors shoes but it is also reassuring knowing that he and others will always be available to advise and support the new team as we focus on the future.'

'There are a number of very important issues on the industry agenda that we intend to progress as much as possible. Our mantra is ‘more people boating, more often’ and we need to make sure that all obstacles to achieving this goal are minimised or removed' said Hodson.

'There is much research to indicate that notwithstanding our wonderful Queensland lifestyle with abundant marine recreation experiences, there are many in the community who are not connecting with it, as Queenslander’s once did.

With increasing levels physical inactivity, obesity and mental health issues, we can see something is not it perhaps should be.

As industry leaders we know the benefits of marine recreation, but we know that more needs to be done to communicate the benefits of participating in marine recreation to the community' said Hodson.

'Our priority will be to ramp up promotion of the health and well-being benefits of marine recreation to Governments and the community' said Hodson.

'Consistent with the theme of ‘engagement’, we will also seek to further engage with those businesses that are not currently members of the Association. We will be seeking to provide a broad range of value service offerings which deliver real benefits to our diverse range of members. A prime example is Boats on Sale which aims to enable any member business to put their skills or products before potential customers through a dynamic industry owned and operated web marketplace. Consumers see great value in our ‘Buy with Confidence’ message that membership of our industry association brings' said Hodson.

'This linked to our industry TV channel – ‘On the water TV’ on YouTube that is growing rapidly, providing great research options and actively promotes the wonderful lifestyle options available through marine recreation' said Hodson.

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