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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

How will use your personal information

We comply with the EU regulations known as 'GDPR'.


We use cookies to see how many people are visiting our website, and these are anonymous. Nearly all websites use cookies these days, but you can disable them in your browser's advanced settings if you do not wish to allow cookies. We use two other services which rely on cookies: Google Analytics (where data is anonymous) and Facebook Comments (which is optional).

IP address

We look at your public IP address to deduce which country you are in, so the website can serve you relevant news. We do not store this information, and we do not use it to compare with any other information you tell us. We use the IP2Location LITE database for IP geolocation.

Email address

If you tell us your email address, we will ask you to tick a box to indicate you understand what we will do with your email address. In addition to the messages you specifically asked for, if you permit it, we may sometimes send you relevant news, information and promotions from our own brands and from our partner companies. You can unsubscribe from these messages at any time with a link at the bottom of each email. Unsubscribing will be actioned immediately and will take one or sometimes two clicks. If unsubscribing fails for any reason, please let us know by email techsupport or phone +44 (0)7854 803365 and we promise to attend to it.

Some of our customers use email services that forward mails to another account, and some work in companies where multiple addresses may be sent to one mailbox. This can create the confusing situation where an email that we sent to (say) will end up in the inbox of and the final recipient will not be aware of the difference. A customer may ask to unsubscribe and mention only the email address where he/she sees the message from us. However, we have no way of ascertaining what forwarding services were used, and will not find in our databases. We have previously discovered many customers are unaware of company forwarders, or forget their personal forwarders, and are often upset or angry in these situations. This is out of our control, but we will continue to search for the relevant database entry if the customer will continue to provide further details on possible addresses to try (ideally they will forward us the most recent newsletter they received, as this contains the address at the very bottom).

Any EU resident who told us their email address before May 2018 has been asked to confirm, again, that they consent to it being used by us. If you believe your address was added without your permission we will remove your details immediately. Email techsupport or phone +44 (0)7854 803365.

Hiding your name

If you wish to receive our emails, but want to remove your name then we can replace your name with "Anonymous User" in our database. Email techsupport or phone +44 (0)7854 803365 mentioning pseudonymization.

Viewing your data

If you wish to know what personal information we hold on you, please email techsupport or phone +44 (0)7854 803365.

Deleting your data

You have the right to be forgotten, which means that, if you ask us, we will delete all the information we hold about you. You must email techsupport or phone +44 (0)7854 803365 giving details of all the usernames, forenames, surnames and email addresses that you have previously shared with us. We will make sure that all these names and addresses are removed from our system.

Children's guidelines

We do not try to get children to register on our website. Nearly all of our content is read by adults. However, should someone register on our site and tell us they are 12 or younger (where age is asked) they will not be added to our database or sent any information.

Sweepstakes and skill contests

To enter a sweepstake or skill contest, you will be asked to provide your email address, postal address and phone number. This information is needed to notify the winners and is shared with the organisation providing the prize, to allow them to provide you with further information on their products (if you consented to this), but it is not shared with any other party.

Transfer of information

This website uses encrypted HTTPS for website traffic.

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