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Corsair 880 Under Construction

by Shane Grover 18 Apr 2019 00:40 PDT
Corsair 880 Development Update © Shane Grover

The new Corsair 880 has been designed from the ground up. Over a period of four years, this model has evolved and developed to a point where we were satisfied that we had a true game changer in hand.

The result of this extensive and detailed development and design has resulted in the need to build completely new tooling for the entire model. Now as a production boat builder this is unusual as to achieve economies of scale builders will typically share common components across the range. Not in the case of the 880, we are so confident this model will be built in volume we are going all out, building high end molds and tooling for the entire project.

In the images you will see the CNC cut hull stations being fixed in place. Once the plug structure is true and firmed up we will proceed to plank and sheathe the hull and will then begin adding details such as folding strut landings and hull to deck join structures. Unlike other Corsair models the 880 has been designed to take the entire folding system landing within the hull component (other models share this between the hull and deck parts).

Ultimately this will produce increased production consistency, along with increased strength and stiffness. The downside to this design choice is an incredibly high tolerance requirement in our tooling.

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