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Maritimo 2023 M600 LEADERBOARD

An evolution update on the Eagle Class 53 - Hybrid Wing & Foils

by Fast Forward Composites 12 Jul 2019 17:48 PDT

After a fantastic Caribbean winter sailing season, the Eagle Class 53 came back home to the Fast Forward Composites yard in Bristol, Rhode Island for some evolution.

The Hybrid Wing was brought into the shop to be cleaned, re-sprayed and for the removal of the clear Clysar. A lot was learned about the wing's versatility and durability during the season. There were a few minor changes to the seating of the top-hat bearings and an upgrade of the cam cleat for the down haul.

The Clysar has been replaced with ORATEX® aviation fabric for a more durable long-lasting solution. The fabric's grey color now blends the wing and sail into one. ORATEX® fabric was first used in 2001, the covering was successfully used by the Zurich University in Switzerland on a full-sized light aircraft. From there they developed ORATEX® UL 600 and ORATEX® 6000 for general aviation. In 2007 they struck an absolutely innovative path covering a motor aircraft for the first time with ORATEX® UL600. It was a Mistral. Now it is being applied to our Hybrid Wing! What a fantastic evolution to be part of.

Before re-launch of the boat, the first part of the Automated Foiling System and flight system box will be installed. The system utilizes ride height sensors which feedback information to the box and then, in turn, the box sends a signal to the actuators which control the pitch, height and angle of the foils.

For the summer season we will only be activating the rudders - this is part of the stepping-up program (crawl, walk, run, sprint) that will help the owner and his Captain get used to how the system works. From there, the puzzle (Platform, Hybrid Wing, AFS) will start coming together and the owner and crew can embark on the next level of training. FFC, at this point, is also collecting data that will help its design team put the finishing touches on the new foil designs.

The Eagle Class 53 is a boat that is growing and developing to its full potential in a very steady way. We are very excited about the evolution so far and hope to progress even more.

Keep checking out her progress on Instagram.

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