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Keel bolt replacement in lead cast keels

by The MarsKeel Team 25 Jan 11:00 PST
How rust damages bolts © The MarsKeel Team

Lead keel bolts are essential elements for securing the keel to the hull of a vessel. MarsKeel is a North American leader in keel technology and specializes in replacing lead keel bolts that are damaged and corroded.

How rust damages bolts

Once the damage reaches a rust-stain stage, there is no option but to replace the bolt.

Always remember:

  • Water present + no oxygen = rust
  • Rust = weakened bolts
  • Weakened bolts = unsafe conditions

Our keel bolt replacement process

MarsKeel's proven and cost-effective methodology includes:

  • Transporting the separated keel to our facility for repair
  • Melting away a portion of the casting to release the bolt
  • Defining the bolt material, if there is no information on file for that keel
  • Create new bolts that are to be installed in the keel

For more information about our bolt replacement process and bolt damage prevention techniques, read our blog here.

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Case study: Keel bolt replacement

MarsKeel recently worked on a 42 wing bolt keel repair project for a Virginia-based client who owned a Hunter yacht.

After ascertaining the damage to the bolts, we followed our specialized keel replacement process, ensuring the corroded bolts were securely replaced. For more information, read our case study here.

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