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Modernizing a dry stack shed is simple with Capria

by Martin Flory Group 14 Mar 07:20 PDT
Modernizing a dry stack shed is simple with Capria © Martin Flory Group

When first introduced, forklifts and dry stack storage were real game-changers. But with the advent of modern technology and semi-automated machinery, this combination is now outdated. It's easy to upgrade a shed or outdoor stack into the 21st century with a cost-effective Capria Ground Running Stacker Crane solution.

Ground Running Stacker Cranes move on rails, so it's straightforward to work the system into existing storage architecture. Five versions accommodate vessels up to 14.6mt. The cranes also maneuver boats that are 3m longer than a forklift can accommodate in the same aisle width, creating the ability to store larger boats using in an existing shed.

The Capria solution is semi-automated, making it extremely efficient. Unlike a forklift driver, the crane operator remains at eye-level with the forks, reducing the potential for human error. It's also much faster: a boat can be pulled and floating in less than three minutes.

Forklifts require a lot of maintenance and part replacements. Capria Ground Running Stacker Cranes are electric, silent, and odor-free, with low service needs. They also last longer: 30 years as opposed to the average eight to 10 years for a forklift.

Because a Capria Ground Running Stacker Crane doesn't need a solid floor, it's significantly less expensive for new construction. It also delivers equal savings when contrasted with replacing a forklift and/or concrete floor.

The Ground Running Stacker Crane runs in concert with one of Capria's innovative launchers. Frontal, Lateral or Rotary models are all semi-automated and are chosen based on the needs of the site and environment.

For over 50 years, Capria S.A. has engineered and manufactured precision heavy industry equipment for mining and petroleum. In 2010, it launched its marine storage and launching system. It can accommodate virtually any marina application.

For more information contact Capria S.A., Tel: +54 3327 414470; Email: or visit

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