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Grapefruit: A Spotlight on Sustainability

by Andy Yeomans, Grapefruit 17 Mar 2020 05:00 PDT
Paper Honeycomb board for Wayfinding, Freestanding signage and displays © Grapefruit Graphics

In the wake of recent global environmental campaigns, the way we think about sustainability is ever evolving. Ever since 2011 we have been working hard to change the way we provide graphics and event overlay within the events industry.

PVC is the most common used substance saturating our planet but due to difficulty in recycling it and the chlorine needed to make it, it is considered the most polluting type of plastic. By switching to more eco-friendly alternatives that are now freely available and more commercially viable from a cost point of view, ever we can pave the way in delivering sustainable events.

Using non-PVC films, polyester fabrics and paper honeycomb substrates, we are able to replace traditional PVC products. By making these changes, and seeking new solutions, we are reflecting our core values and beliefs in real time.

Grapefruit were awarded with ISO20121 (an international standard for sustainable events that evolved from London 2012) in 2018 and are fully committed to providing products and services to the marine and events industries, minimising negative impacts on the environment, communities and local economies. With this in mind, we have managed to deliver some fantastic branded PVC Free Events without impacting on eye catching quality.

Last year we delivered Event branding and overlay for the SailGP Cowes Event and were also invited for the 2nd year to be World Sailing's preferred supplier to dress their Annual Conference using only eco-friendly and sustainable graphics.

World Sailing has some of the highest sustainability ambitions and targets within the events industry, promoting eco-performance and a healthy, sustainable future for the sport as detailed in their Sustainability Agenda 2030. Our Events team relished the opportunity to showcase some of our available products, with a shared emphasis on our passion for branding, and World Sailings' exceptional sustainability track record.

We believe for every traditional element of event branding, there is a safer, less harmful alternative product to rival it...whilst never compromising on the high impact events we envisage and create. Each product selected for projects are cleverly thought through with these principles in mind, whilst always striving to create the best, highest impact branding we possibly can!

Products we are favouring include:

  • Paper Honeycomb board for Wayfinding, Freestanding signage and displays
  • PVC Free and reusable vinyl graphics and stickers
  • Polyester block-out or Airmesh banners and scrim
  • Stretched Polyester fabric banners with reusable aluminium frames

We can source and create fully recyclable and non-damaging to the environment products which look fantastic and showcase the clients' brand in an elegant and eye-catching way. We are constantly developing solutions for all aspects of venue dressing. From providing advice and guidance on products and design, through to on-site installation.

For further information on how Grapefruit can provide you with a PVC Free and environmentally Sustainable event please contact us on +441489 570055 or email

Thank you!

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