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Save the date: Harken United States Sailboat Show press briefing

by Harken 1 Oct 08:25 PDT 8-11 October 2020
Harken Red Tent - United States Sailboat Show © Harken

Harken is excited about keeping our annual tradition alive by holding a press briefing the opening morning of what would have been the United States Sailboat Show on Thursday, October 8.

The Annapolis show cancellation gave us a bad case of withdrawal, so we came up with the next best thing to being in person - a live press briefing - which will also be the kickoff of our online sailboat show,

Harken wants both the show and briefing to be as Annapolis authentic as possible. We have seen other virtual boat shows and were left wanting more so we've worked hard to make the show feel like the real deal.

To attend our press conference, visit, scroll to the Annapolis Press Conference link and enter using password: atthefront, at 10 a.m. EDT on October 8. Here you view Peter Harken, Bill Goggins and others, live, providing details about new products, a brief overview of Harken business and perspectives on the sailing industry. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the livestream's comments section.

Below are details about a few of our new products that will be discussed during the briefing:

MKIV Ocean Furler - Effortless headsail control for cruising sailors

MKIV Ocean is designed and manufactured with the same strength, longevity, and ease of use standards as engineered for our MKIV racing furlers. It shares MKIV's headfoil connection design making it easy for aftermarket professionals to install. MKIV Ocean is MKIV without features cruising sailors don't need—and priced to reflect that.

Marine Grip - A nonabrasive grip tape that outperforms others in the market

Our cost-effective, nonabrasive grip tape is easy to install and clean, remains in place without peeling, sheds water and grime and helps prevent burned feet on a hot deck. Product test data shows that Marine Grip improves wet or dry footing better than the other commercial adhesives and waxes tested.

Harken Vang-Master - Infinitely adjustable pneumatic vang solution

Harken will soon begin distributing Vang-Master products, lightweight and infinitely adjustable pneumatic vangs, that are complete turnkey rigid vang solutions. Air pressure is used to provide extension force to hold the boom up while the mainsail is down and stowed. Harken distribution will make the vangs easy to obtain while offering quick turnaround on spare parts and tech service support.

More details about our online sailboat show

Our online boat show experience will be live for four days, Oct. 8-11. Viewers can visit to:

  • Book an online appointment with a Harken technical or sales rep
  • View videos of some of Harken's new products
  • Enjoy live meet ups "At The Front" of sailing

Download Harken’s online sailboat show press book

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