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Finally, a Bow Light that's comfortable to sit on

by John Czipri 3 Nov 2020 07:29 PST
Accon Marine's 210-M LED Bowlight model (top) and 211-M model © Martin Flory Group

Protruding hardware on a boat can detract from its sleek foredeck, and is uncomfortable to sit or step on. The 210 Pop-Up® LED Bow Light from Accon Marine folds down flush into its base during the day and flips up with the touch of a button when night falls.

The Accon 210 Pop-Up LED Bow Light is US Coast Guard-approved for two nautical miles. It's built of polished marine-grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and a contemporary appearance. The high-performance LEDs don't need to be replaced like incandescent bulbs, making it virtually maintenance-free. The lamp measures 112mm L x 102mm W and draws only 115mA.

Simple to install, the Accon Pop-Up LED Bow Light is available in through-bolt or stud-mount models. An included installation template notes the main 89mm and three fastener holes. It requires 68mm clearance. Both versions accept the optional plastic waterproofing cup to prevent runoff below deck. Accon's 211 Pop-Up LED Bow Light enables easy upgrades from its incandescent version, with a same-size cutout for drop-in replacement.

For more information contact Accon Marine, Tel: +1-727-572-9202; Fax: +1-727-572-7621 or visit

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