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Where's Jzerro?

by Colligo Marine 5 Feb 07:57 PST

Ryan Finn left for his solo journey to San Francisco via Cape Horn on Tuesday, January 18th.

He is attempting the word record for the fastest single handed route to San Francisco.


"I didn't exactly win the weather lottery." - Ryan FInn

Upon leaving New York City, there were not many problems for Finn. The only snag was the autopilot ram, which Finn was able to replace.

By the 20th of January, Finn was out of the Gulf Stream, but it was not an easy trip. The wind was 7 to 30 knots with showers and squalls along the way. Additionally, the wind has been less stable at night, which has kept Finn up all night to reef and un-reef the sail. As a result, there was some maintenance that Finn had to keep up with along his journey. This has not made an already challenging trip any easier.

By January 26th, Finn's J2 headsail has been put to work throughout his trip. Finn explains that "it is a great sail and I have yet to have to tighten the leech line, which keeps the back edge of the sail from fluttering. However, I heard it fluttering last night and went on deck to adjust it."

On inspection the top seam of the jib was torn from front to back. All the sewing held up, but the material just ripped at the top of the seam. Finn chatted with Mark Washeim from One Sails and together they created a solution for this issue, but it was definitely tricky.

Lastly, Ryan Finn's electronics have failed numerous times throughout his journey, which has resulted in a slower pace than Finn had anticipated.


Jzerro is the lightest she has ever been offshore. All thanks to Finn's water maker, which saves 650 LBS on the boat. Additionally, the water maker draws little power and creates fresh, cool water for Finn to stay hydrated. Already throughout his trip, Finn has managed to leave Sheepshead Bay, cross the Gulf Stream safely, and pass Bermuda before a front hit him too hard.

We are all very hopeful for Ryan Finn's journey to San Francisco. Right now, Ryan is focusing on getting to Brazil safely.

"I'm just lumbering forward to the south, anxious and hopeful." - Ryan Finn

Colligo Marine:

Ryan's 36' Proa Jzerro features Colligo Marine Extra Lightweight Headsail Furling (ELHF) Systems, Engineered Synthetic Standing Rigging, Torque Rope for the storm job, and Colligo Dux Running Rigging.

Ryan explained, "Colligo Marine products are very durable. I am very happy with them. They are the one thing I'm secure about throughout this journey."

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