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Volvo Penta announces new expanded corrosion protection for sterndrive and FWD boats

by Volvo Penta 11 Feb 2022 18:11 PST
Volvo Penta Coastal Series Corrosion Protection Package © Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta today announced its new Coastal Series corrosion protection package with a seven-year coverage plan, giving extra protection for Volvo Penta sterndrive and Forward Drive (FWD) boats operating in salt or brackish water.

The Coastal Series option is now exclusively available in North America with Volvo Penta V6 and V8 gas sterndrives and FWDs. The integrated package includes advanced titanium-ceramic coatings, aluminum exhausts and sensors with audible and visual warnings of potential saltwater intrusion in the bellow or drive gear lubricant.

The Coastal Series package enhances the already extensive corrosion-resistance features of Volvo Penta's sterndrive and FWD systems, which use the latest automotive technology, all-aluminum blocks and closed-loop freshwater cooling.

"The Coastal Series countermeasures work together to provide boaters peace of mind when boating in salt or brackish water conditions," said Jens Bering, vice president of marine sales, Volvo Penta of the Americas. "We're so confident with the proven ability of these protective measures that we've taken the step of adding an unprecedented seven-year coverage plan that's fully transferable when the boat is sold."

Bering pointed out that the sterndrive and FWD systems are an attractive power solution, providing a totally unobstructed transom that opens the boat's stern for more activities such as swimming, diving, skiing, wakeboarding and just lounging around on deck. Since the props and exhausts are underwater there is also less noise and fumes on deck.

With the Coastal Series protections, Volvo Penta's FWD also opens the way for boatbuilders to optimize their saltwater boats for the popular sport of wake surfing.

"In many ways, our sterndrive and FWD propulsion systems are an advantageous power solution in both fresh and salt water, providing better low-speed torque, faster acceleration, less fuel consumption and lower emissions over comparable outboards," Bering said. "They also come with unique features like the award-winning Easy Drain function and the Silent Shift hydraulic 'clunk-free' clutch. And with the easy availability of all service points on the front of the engine, you don't need to be a contortionist to do routine maintenance tasks."

To learn more about this new enhanced service offering, boatbuilders, dealers and customers are invited to visit Volvo Penta in Convention Center Booth MB1500 at the 2022 Miami International Boat Show.

For more information, visit the Coastal Series page on our website.

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