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Cap Camarat - An iconic line, fun on the water for 40 years

by Jeanneau 15 Jun 05:16 PDT

The "Cap Camarat" is a highly sought-after name by all those who love family outings at sea, sensations of speed while cruising, and relaxing at anchor!

Over the years, the Cap Camarat line has become the leading open outboard powerboat in Europe. Let's take a look back at this incredible success, punctuated by renowned and innovative models.

Reasons for an unrivalled success

A pioneer, the key to success

The Cap Camarat has become a world-wide reference in the nautical field and a key player in the European market. This year, the iconic line celebrates 40 years of history, forty decades during which Jeanneau has influenced the development of day boats in Europe and around the world.

"The great strength of the Cap Camarat line is knowing how to anticipate trends in the market sector and to create models adapted to the largest markets in the world, principally in Europe and in North America ", explains Merry de la Poëze, Powerboat Marketing Director.

Its success is undeniable: today, over 35,000 boats cruise on waters around the world! Across successive generations, Cap Camarat models have continued to accomplish their first mission: providing the ideal boat for happy moments shared with family.

A strong identity

No less than 62 Cap Camarat models have been built since the launch of the line, all sharing the same heritage: incomparable seaworthy qualities, clever improvements, unequalled comfort on board, and a timeless elegance.

In addition to benefiting from the Jeanneau's experience, heritage and savoir-faire, the Cap Camarat has become a reference in its own right, serving families seeking fun experiences and sharing exceptional moments on the water.

True value

The Cap Camarat is a gauge of excellence, a true value that enables thousands of owners to discover a full range of fun activities at sea.

Liveability and functionality are at the heart of the challenges of our internal crew to offer undeniable ease of handling while cruising.

Cap Camarat owes its success to its versatility, making it possible to organise both sporty family outings and unforgettable cruises without compromising comfort!

Safe cruising

Cruising in a Cap Camarat is going to sea with full peace of mind. The hulls are renowned for their stability in all conditions and for their comfort while cruising.

Safety is a motto for the Jeanneau crew, and all elements on board are carefully designed for you to cruise with complete confidence.

Ergonomic design, ease of movement on board, generous living spaces, a vast cockpit, comfort on the interior or at anchor: nothing is left to chance aboard a Cap Camarat.

Whether for cruising or other fun outings, the Cap Camarat serves all those who seek a sporty, seaworthy boat for family cruising with full peace of mind.

Incomparable style

In the world of Cap Camarat, powerful, contemporary lines will catch your eye at first glance. The design, unique to the line, looks like no other, and this identity explains in part its success.

Creating timeless boats that retain their value (as much sentimental as economical and technical), without losing their appeal over the years, this has been Jeanneau's successful wager with this iconic line!

Creating memories

The Cap Camarat line makes the nautical experience more enjoyable for customers, enabling each to experience their own adventure. Whether for a leisurely outing at sea or for sensations of speed, whether for water-skiing, diving, or fishing, the Cap Camarat offers something for everyone.

Cap Camarat is there for family fun, for sharing precious moments and making memories with family and friends. Fun, sensations of speed, emotions, and unique experiences for you to live and to relive!

Innovation and continuity

Cap Camarat models are in constant evolution, but this renewal always remains true to the strengths that have made this line a success:

  • Seaworthy qualities: performance and comfort while cruising remain at the heart of our priorities
  • Versatility: all models are compatible with both family life and water sports, due to their clever developments
  • Safety: the line benefits from Jeanneau's construction techniques and savoir-faire
  • True values: all Cap Camarat models are designed by the naval architect, Michael Peters, and Sarrazin Design, two renowned names in naval design.

"We have had the good fortune to work with references in our field, a crew of professionals with whom we have cultivated stability over many years. Michael Peters is one of the best names worldwide in the field of powerboats. We have worked in perfect partnership with him for over 30 years. His keen knowledge of hull behaviour enables us to offer boats that are perfectly balanced and that deliver a high performance. Sarrazin Design is also one of our faithful partners in the design of the Cap Camarat line. The design is sought after, at once strong and soft, the models evolve, but seamlessly from one generation to another. Together, we make a true "Cap Camarat crew," working each day to further develop the line". - Merry de la Poëze, Powerboat Marketing Director.

Innovative solutions perfect the line, each adding a new, contemporary dimension to meet customers' expectations for each new model.

"The Cap Camarat line has maintained its success by integrating innovative solutions in ergonomic design and comfort on board, in a quest to continually renew models in anticipation of new market trends." - Vincent Piel, Powerboat Product Marketing Manager.

International expansion

In 2022, more than ever, globalization is at the heart of the French brand's strategy. Jeanneau continues to think bigger, expanding the world of Cap Camarat with larger models.

The development of larger models aims at raising the profile of the Cap Camarat in North America... to establish itself in time as an iconic line across the Atlantic!

The Cap Camarat line is 40 years of history and evolution to satisfy customer demands. Since its inception, the Cap Camarat line has been there for owners seeking unique moments at sea, continually renewing itself to meet constantly evolving demands.

A look back at the fascinating history of the Cap Camarat

Stroke of genius in 1982

Robert Rigaudeau, naval architect in the Jeanneau design office, designed the first Cap Camarat in response to a request from a boater who was seeking a versatile boat for diving and fishing. Jeanneau then launched the first French open hull. The Cap Camarat 575 is the first model in the Cap Camarat generation.

The Cap Camarat 575 (1982-1994) represents the construction of 1,400 boats. The extraordinary popularity of this innovative model can be explained by its practical, versatile qualities and solid construction.

In this first open boat, the fundamentals of the line were already present: a fluid deck plan with an opening center console, generous storage capacity and a deep cockpit. It was a high-performance, versatile, practical, solid boat. It was the perfect boat for varied use, for fishing and cruising with family, and so the heritage of the Cap Camarat was born!

Following that, the launch of the Cap Camarat 510, in 1982, also met with great success, with over 1,000 boats built in 15 years!

This model would feature the same qualities as its predecessor: its hull and performance at sea would ultimately define the sporty identity of the line.

In 1984, Jeanneau participated in the Niamey-Bamako Rally, created by Thierry Sabine. Five prototypes of the Cap Camarat 510 would head up the Niger River for 2000 kilometres, an unforgettable technical and human adventure. The Jeanneau team was crowned with success: the Cap Camarat 510 of Gérard d'Aboville would take 1st place in the overall ranking, followed by Cap Camarats winning 3rd, 5th and 7th places.

The Cap Camarat 625, launched in 1998, was a best-seller, with 1,900 boats sold in eight years! This model already featured a very contemporary design with fluid lines, cementing Jeanneau's desire to build Cap Camarat models with a timeless style.

One success followed another, and the line was renewed. The Cap Camarat 515 launched in 2000, sold over 1,700 boats, through 2009. Regarding the Cap Camarat 6.5 CC, 1,400 boats left the shipyard from 2006 to 2012!

The Center Console line, in constant evolution, continued to develop innovative models, including the flagship, the Cap Camarat 9.0 CC launched in 2018.

This contemporary, iconic black hull, with its bold personality, was notable for its very elegant design, performance, and comfort. This outboard model stood out by offering an innovative and bright living space: a double berth with an enclosed head compartment, which was unique at the time and a precursor, ideal for comfortably spending one or more nights on board!

The modular layout, designed for enjoying a variety of activities, gave it tremendous versatility, enabling it to meet every style and preference, for limitless cruising.

In 2021: the Cap Camarat 7.5 CC Serie3 was born and Jeanneau offered the first 25-foot Center Console on the market, which would enable you to spend the night aboard, with a true berth and a level of comfort never before seen on a boat of this size!

With its extended, sporty lines, the Cap Camarat 7.5 CC Serie3 boasted an undeniable energy. Optimised ergonomic design on the exterior offered surprising space and comfort, prioritizing quality of life on deck, with an aft cockpit and a spacious and inviting forward cockpit.

The Cap Camarat Center Console line continued to grow and expand, in answer to the immense variety of uses and profiles in the world of day boats and outboard day cruisers, while always keeping its sights set on the firm promise to offer customers fun-filled days of cruising with family and friends.

Cap Camarat walk-around, forerunners oriented toward cruising

To diversify the line, Walkaround versions appeared in 1994, with the launch of the Cap Camarat 695 WA, followed by the Cap Camarat 555 WA from 1995 through 2002. Equipped with a cabin, these innovative models enabled owners to discover the joys of short cruises. The proven success of these models is due to their versatility, designed for both fishing and water sports with family, a quality appreciated by boaters. Weekend cruising was made possible for a wider number of sea lovers.

The Cap Camarat 755 WA, built from 2002 through 2010, with over 1400 boats sold, was distinguished by its superb design and assertive personality by Vittorio Garroni. This model represents a complete break from the classic hull forms, and it is an aesthetic success in addition to having a powerful hull.

In 2004, the Cap Camarat 925 WA demonstrated the ambition for the line to become established in the United States, with a design inspired by American trends. This model features a stepped hull by the American naval architect, Michael Peters, delivering excellence in terms of seaworthy qualities while responding to the demands of the US market.

The Cap Camarat 925 WA offers an ideal combination, with a bright and inviting interior, a hull designed for cruising, a sundeck, and a cockpit equipped for sport fishing. It cleared the way for the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA in 2010.

With the fluid, energetic design of the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA, Jeanneau entered the American market: an elegant boat, perfectly adapted for coastal cruising and fishing.

In 2015, Jeanneau enlarged the Cap Camarat line by launching the new flagship, the Cap Camarat 10.5 WA.

This model enabled Jeanneau to become established in the largest international markets, and to export the concept and savoirfaire of the Cap Camarat line: combining long distances and fast cruising speeds with optimised comfort on board. The Cap Camarat 10.5 WA offered a stylish design with a contoured silhouette, featuring elegant, sporty lines. Innovation is once again at the heart of the development of the line to offer even greater comfort: the saloon transforms into a private cabin while the double aft cabin features an exceptional layout, with four berths in two separate living spaces.

In 2017, the birth of the Cap Camarat 9.0 WA was a frank success. In launching this new model, Jeanneau confirmed its development trend toward building increasingly larger models to adapt to customer demand.

This evolution toward larger boat models in European markets also corresponds with maturing market demands in North America.

In 2020, Jeanneau announced an expanded and enriched product offer. The Cap Camarat expanded in the world of large outboard models with the launch of the Cap Camarat 12.5 WA. This latest model targeted the exclusive market of large and luxurious outboard day cruisers. It offered exceptional performance, major innovations, and an unprecedented approach in the distribution of space on board.

The Cap Camarat 12.5 WA was notable for its clean, perfectly balanced hull design and sporty lines. For this flagship boasting perfect ergonomic design and two magnificent exterior living spaces, the emphasis is placed on absolute comfort and exceptional performance.

More than ever, innovation is at the heart of our development: the forward saloon with facing seating offers an outstanding additional living space, the cockpit terrace affords extraordinary volume when at anchor, and a multi-configuration exterior galley becomes a central gathering point on board.

"The success of this latest model, and of the Cap Camarat 10.5 WA Serie2, on the European market and in North America validates the international success of the brand. Cap Camarat has become a renowned name over the last 10 years in the larger markets, and our current strategy confirms our desire to assert ourselves as a worldwide reference!" - Merry de la Poëze, Powerboat Marketing Director.

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