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Golden Marine Systems offers vital guidance on preparing marinas for hurricane season

by Golden Boat Lifts 8 Jun 09:49 PDT
The Day After Hurricane Ian © Golden Boat Lifts

Golden Marine Systems, a prominent provider of marine infrastructure solutions, offers crucial guidance to prepare marinas for hurricane season. Drawing from extensive experience in the marine industry, the company emphasizes proactive measures to mitigate potential damage and ensure safety.

Hurricanes pose significant threats to coastal communities, making marinas especially vulnerable. To assist marina operators and boat owners, Golden Marine Systems advises:

Develop a Comprehensive Emergency Plan: Create a detailed plan outlining procedures for securing the marina, evacuating vessels, and ensuring personnel safety. Regularly review and update the plan based on past experiences.

Secure Infrastructure: Inspect docks, piers, and other structures for wear or damage. Reinforce weak points and secure loose items to prevent them from becoming projectiles in high winds.

Secure Vessels: Ensure all vessels are properly secured with adequate lines and fenders. Consider relocating boats to safer locations or hauling them out of the water.

Remove Potential Hazards: Clear debris, including equipment, trash, and vegetation, to prevent hazards during storms.

Communicate Effectively: Maintain open communication with marina tenants, local authorities, and emergency agencies. Keep stakeholders informed and provide guidance on evacuation procedures.

Monitor Weather Conditions: Stay informed about approaching storms by monitoring forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and local authorities. Take proactive measures based on the latest information.

Prepare for Power Outages: Develop contingency plans for power outages, including backup generators and emergency lighting. Ensure essential equipment remains operational during power loss.

Stay Informed and Flexible: Remain vigilant throughout hurricane season and adjust plans based on evolving weather conditions and guidance from authorities.

Michael Shanley, President of Golden Marine Systems, stresses the importance of proper preparation for minimizing hurricane impacts on marinas and ensuring safety. The company remains dedicated to supporting marinas and coastal communities in preparing for and mitigating hurricane impacts.

During Hurricane Ian's devastation in Southwest Florida, Golden Marine Systems' over-engineered products, like Golden Boat Lifts and marinas, withstood the destruction. The company single-handedly rebuilt marinas, restoring Fort Myers Beach to its natural beauty.

For a free Hurricane Preparation Plan for marinas, please visit

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