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Ronstan RF6 mainsheet swivel cleat base for smaller dinghies

by Scot West 1 Dec 2017 05:49 UTC 1 December 2017
RF6 - Ronstan new mainsheet swivel cleat base © Ronstan

Ronstan's RF7 swivel cleat base has been a favourite among dinghy sailors for many years. Now the company has released the RF6, specifically engineered for dinghies up to 4.5m (15ft) in length.

Designed to give the sailor easy and accurate control of their mainsheet from any position on the boat, the cleat base allows quick and accurate cleating and releasing from any angle.

Ronstan says the cleat arm gives the sailor a very high degree of versatility. Stainless steel ball bearings support the cleat arm which features an integral stop to prevent over-rotation. The stop can be removed if 360 degree rotation is desired. A switchable ratchet in the base allows the arm to remain at its most recently used position, but the ratchet can also be turned off for free swivelling.

The integrated base and cleat arm are glass fibre reinforced for strength, while the fixings and block attachment loop are 316 stainless steel.

The base suits traditional shackle head blocks and Dyneema link head Orbit Blocks and comes with a small C-Cleat cam cleat and fairlead, suitable for line sizes 2-8mm (3/32 - 5/8") diameter.

Weighing only 209 grams, the base has a maximum working load of 125kg (275lbs), based on a 120 degree change in line direction.

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