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Capria brings speed and efficiency to dry stack launching

by Martin Flory Group 21 Feb 05:58 PST
Capria brings speed and efficiency to dry stack launching © Martin Flory Group

Dry stacking is a highly organized and cost-effective method of storing boats. But traditional launching methods are often chaotic and hazardous. With Frontal, Lateral or Rotary Launchers from CAPRIA S.A., the process is fast and efficient.

All-electric, CAPRIA launchers are quiet and odor-free. They can accommodate inboard and outboard monohulls, catamarans, pontoons and personal watercraft. The choice of Frontal, Lateral or Rotary is dependent on the layout of the project. High-speed, precision machinery, all are remote controlled.

Most CAPRIA launchers are used as part of the company's semi-automated dry stacking system. But they're equally effective with a standard forklift. Because of the configurable vertical travel of CAPRIA launchers, storage sheds can be built at any level to make the best use of valuable real estate. The system also accommodates sites with steep embankments that extreme negative lift forklifts can't operate in.

With a CAPRIA Rotary Launcher, the boat is set on the launcher rack behind the device. When operated, the vessel goes up and over the large, round gearing and into the water bow-first in one smooth motion. It handles vessels up to 5,000kg. It's an ideal choice for locations where waterside walkways, pedestrian corridors and streets need to be kept clear.

A Lateral Launcher is perfect for locations where waterfront space is limited such as in a narrow canal or for installing against the shed wall to optimize space. Boats are launched parallel to shore. It works in conjunction with a CAPRIA Top- or Bottom-Running Crane that pivots the boat as it rests it on the launcher.

Frontal Launchers are ideal for almost any site. Because it lowers straight down, it works on virtually any length, angle and/or tidal fluctuation.

CAPRIA S.A. has been engineering and manufacturing CE-marked and ISO 9001 heavy industrial equipment for over 50 years. A common dry stack solution of a Stacker Crane and two Frontal Launchers will accommodate 250-300 boats and is capable of pulling a vessel from the shed and having it floating in less than three minutes.

Contact Capria S.A., Haendel 32, Centro Industrial Garin, CP 1619 Garin, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: +54 3327 414470

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