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Balance Catamarans launch the 526 "Blue Diamond"

by Balance Catamarans 4 Dec 2020 03:08 PST
Balance 526 “Blue Diamond” hits the water © Balance Catamarans

Balance Catamarans is pleased to announce the launch of another Balance 526 catamaran, Hull #9, "Blue Diamond."

As the fastest growing catamaran company in the world, we currently have another eight 526's models on order, have pre-sold ten of the new Balance 482 (the first of which goes to sea in March of 2021), and have pre-sold eight of the new 442 (the first of which goes to sea in November of 2021).

We are also excited to announce the first order for our exciting new Balance 580, an all carbon fiber rocket ship that will turn heads wherever she goes.

Since acquiring a second new state-of-the-art factory in Cape Town, and adding an additional new factory building in Saint Francis, we are rising to meet the high demand for our fast growing model range. We're excited about this big step in our company's history and will continue to make leaps and bounds in the catamaran industry with constant innovation and build quality that cannot be matched by our competitors.

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