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Newly improved Balance Design Your Own tool

by Balance Catamarans 23 May 06:54 PDT
Balance Catamarans unveiled its newly styled and upgraded Design Your Own tool © Balance Catamarans

Balance Catamarans recently unveiled its newly styled and upgraded Design Your Own tool on its website.

"We are so excited to have our customers work with very detailed renderings of the Balance 442, 482, 526, 580 and 620," said VP of Customer Experience, Patrick Roscoe. "With the new fabric, wood, and color choices, imagining what their own Balance Catamaran will look like just got a whole lot easier."

For those still making decisions on which boat is right for them, they can play with the details until they hit on the perfect combination. Owners will be able to customize their boats and finalize their choices directly with Balance Catamarans both reducing the complexity of ordering items individually and allowing for the creation of personalized design choices that have been carefully curated by professional designers, noted Roscoe.

In addition, all the full-screen renderings showing off final choices can be saved and shared with friends and family. Now, go have some fun imagining your very own Balance!

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