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Family time

by John Curnow, Global Editor, 25 Nov 2020 14:00 PST
Jim Nelson, pictured here with his daughter Natasha. Family boating very much on the agenda when his new Maritimo M51 arrives in May 2021 © Maritimo

Well it definitely is the message of 2020. No matter whether you're talking new or used, boats certainly have been a fave item in the brave new world. One thing that has been decidedly more absent has been the boat show, with literally just a handful able to be held. Genoa, Fort Lauderdale and Sanctuary Cove pretty much amount to the sum total. Indeed, actually attending one almost felt like a trip down memory lane.

Whilst closed borders had meant that the Sanctuary Cove Festival of Boating excluded Australia's two largest markets in Sydney and Melbourne, it did not stop a huge attendance. Exhibitors reported good quality contact with owners and prospects, with queues to get in, and completely full car parks rejecting yet more attendees would attest to a certain over-subscription.

There were no such problems in being at the show for Jim Nelson from Mermaid Waters on Queensland's Gold Coast. He's been boating since the mid 1970s. His first passion was water skiing, then he gradually moved up the ladder into larger pleasure boats, with his first being a Riviera 51 that he sold in 2008.

Since then Jim has been on the lookout for his next boat, and that search was finalised when he purchased an M51 Maritimo luxury motor yacht at the recent show in Sanctuary Cove. Jim and his daughter Natasha, along with her partner Steve and their two children Estella and Xavier plan many years of family boating together.

"We needed a boat with three cabins, and something that was totally safe for the kids. Maritimo's M51 ticked all those boxes", he said. The retired construction manager for an international mall company is looking forward to comfortable cruising in southeast Queensland, and then taking his new pride and joy to the Whitsundays. "I have been seriously looking for a bit over two years and the M51 delivers everything we need as a family."

Maritimo's brand director and lead designer Tom Barry-Cotter said the Sanctuary Cove Boating Festival had been very success for Maritimo, with multiple deals being negotiated, and interest in the new M55 and S55 models being strong both here, and also overseas.

Jim's boat will be at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May 2021.

Not your tennis racquet!

However, we are very much talking about a sweet spot, and for that matter, perhaps even sweet spots. When the BYD Group showed us a 75m concept that drew inspiration from sailing boats, well it was bound to get us wide eyed, seeing as we're part of the Sail-World/Yachts&Yachting group. Triple hybrid with Diesel, Hydrogen, and Electric propulsion was a big tick, as too the 360 degree views just like on a yacht, but the clincher may well have been that they have a base in Barcelona, a city renowned for its architecture, and especially that of the magnificent Antoni Gaudí.

Tià Simó and Raúl Gonzalo are the co-founders and partners at BYD Group, and like us, they work in both sailing and motor yachts, except they do design and naval architecture for new builds, and refits. This particular concept was conceived by Simó and Louis Quin, so I went to Simó for a short Q&A.

The knuckle out of the water, along with the reverse bow, distinct chine, and overhanging stern is all very now in sailing yacht design, even with production boats like the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 (by Marc Lombard), what can you tell me about your vision here?

"With this bow design, we are maximizing the overall length, with the inclusion of a bulbous bow, and a very narrow half angle of entrance to minimize resistance, and so have a reduced wetted surface area in waves up to 1.5m. The overhanging bow protects the boat from water splashes, apart from giving a flying sensation to the spectator," said Simó.

It is also angular, which is very now in the superyacht scene. "We blend smooth surfaces and smooth curves longitudinally and add some tension with the angles to give it more character and sportiness."

Apart from the above, why is this 'way different from others' (as per your release), as there are a few concepts going around for sailing inspired superyachts?

"The idea is to have a yacht that is as silent, expels low emissions, and has a smooth ride like a sailing yacht, with the comfort of a large motor yacht, while keeping a low profile and elegant style. And with the freedom of 'no restrictions to dream', we aimed for the perfect yacht for the present world, design wise and engineering wise. Sometimes dreams may come true!"

Hybrid propulsion is great and very now in the light of Oceanco's NXT, or Heesen's YachtTalk etc. How do BYD see this in terms of requests from clients for new vessels?

"At BYD, we are focused on sustainable yachting, and the new yachts to come will surely follow this path. Also, the new regulations that are coming into play are focused on reducing emissions, and new builds need to be in the line with this new regulation. We also believe that on a pleasure yacht this is of utmost importance. Not only to meet the regulation, but to exceed them so to maintain our marine environment, and to be able to enjoy it without damaging it."

What is like to work on something like this as opposed to the bread and butter of your normal work?

"A project like this is a full challenge, in terms of design, engineering and development, where we will need to deal with classification societies for new applied systems and equipment, and means a big collaborative work together with other companies which is very demanding, but enriching. For us there is no bread and butter project, as we like to live our projects fully, from a 5m small recreational boat to a 75m one; the big difference here is the collaboration with a huge amount of people, rules and regulations to make it happen."

In terms of construction and visions of the internal spaces, Simó offered, "It is an alloy hull with alloy and composite superstructure. We do interior design, but at the moment the interior design styling is not defined, as it will tailored to the client's needs, but there will be more to show in the coming months."

In closing, let's go back to one of the original points. Hailing from Palma and Barcelona, where architecture is famous, can we expand on the idea about vision, just like on a sailing yacht?

"We look at modern architecture, as it is always looking for light and functionalism, with simple shapes: a combination with glass, wood and structure, as well as a connection between interior and exterior spaces. Most of the actual large yachts have exterior spaces completely separated from interior ones, rather than connecting them, and converting it into a unique space as we do on our upper deck and aft decks. We prioritize the exterior to become the perfect space, from a beach club to enjoy with your family and friends, to a terrace extension from your saloon or cabin."

March of the outboards

Scanning back, just about every Powerboat-World editorial has looked at an either an outboard, or a craft powered by them. Going back even further, and in 2017 I wrote, "Outboards have grown in stature in the last decade, and especially so in the last three years. Economics are one driver, but power has also increased. Around ten years ago, Yamaha's 350hp V8 appeared, and we now have 400hp from Mercury (Supercharged), and on to 627hp from Seven, whom Volvo-Penta just bought. Often the outboard has superior benefits in weight, fuel consumption, ease of service and of course, initial cost."

Equally, Mercury now have Diesel units available with DSI, Cox Powertrain, and Oxe had the first 200hp units back in early 2016, are also entering the space aggressively. Lower consumption and high torque are the benefits, along with much lower capital cost (than inboards), and the need for significant room on board over stern drives or even pods."

Anyway, today we're looking here at Regal's 42 FXO, and for life of me I cannot work out if it is the 80's style reverse sheer, overhanging bridge deck, or the triple configuration that really does work. I suspect it is actually the sum of it all, as well as huge storage, versatility with layouts below, and generally open plan all set up to be the consummate entertainer, or ultimate relaxing machine for you, and anyone fortunate enough to get a Guernsey for the day or weekend. At over 40 knots I'm just going to finish with: Giddy Up!

Victor Kiam

You know, the guy who loved his Remington shaver so much, he bought the company. Talking with Steve Campbell just the other day, as his first Cape50 is just days away from its first splash, I was immediately drawn to the famous entrepreneur when he told me that he has named the first of the new line, Social Distancing. Seeing as it is 2020, and this whole missive started on a family note, and how boating is the new must-have, it all seemed like a lay down misere to me.

At any rate, clearly all the ducks had lined up beautifully, for right there on the About page is the line 'This is how we do social distancing'. On the very same page it goes on to say, 'In life you've always done things a little differently. You wouldn't have arrived here if you hadn't. In a world without order you do have control. The Cape50 offers an enhanced lifestyle for you and for those you hold close.'

At any rate, thanks for that summation Steve, and may the boat be as good as the words, the pics, and the specifications. We're sure it will be...

OK. Today you will find that the website has an abundance of material from right across the globe, and if you cannot find something, just try the search feature right up the top of the page.

So as you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other parts of the group, go to the top of the Powerboat-World home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the site you want to see and, voila, it's all there for you.

Speak with you again, very, very soon.

John Curnow
Global Editor,

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